Apiorkor Seyiram Ashong-Abbey

Year Group: IB Class of 2007


  • Year group: IB Class of 2007
  • Hostel & Colour group: Cecilia Hostel; Yellow Outeniqua
  • Roles played at TIS: Head Girl (2003-2005); Head Prefect (2005-2007); TIS Choir Soprano and Soloist; Founding Member of Genesis; Founding Member of Writers’ & Debaters’ Club; Played Queen Ojuola in The Gods are Not to Blame and Madame Pernelle in Tartuffe; Peer Tutor; Played for the Girls’ Football TeamAchievements/Awards in TIS: Literature in English (Grades 9 & 10); English Language (Grade 10); English A1 (Grade 11); CAS Award (Grade 12)Most memorable experience in TIS: When Mrs. Martei caught some girls writing “Wash Me” on her car, which we called the “Iron Horse”

Graduate University: University of Ghana

Year of graduation: 2012

Major/ area of specialisation: English (Major) & Political Science (Minor)

Achievements in College: US Policy towards Africa Fellowship with the US Embassy, Ghana; Poetry Mentorship Programme with Prof. Atukwei Okai

Achievements out of College: 2016 Baobab Award for Literature & Community Building; Published by the Writers’ Project of Ghana (2015); Listed Poet with the Ghana Association of Writers; Recognised Radio Producer, Ghana; Recognised Writer, British Council, Ghana; Pronouncer for the Spelling Bee, Ghana (2017)

Currently working at: Omni Media Limited (Citi 97.3 FM)

Position held: Production Executive

Key word in life: Non-conformity

Philosophy: “One is hailed for one’s great feats in life, but one is remembered for how one related to and treated other individuals, in the quest for the attainment of these laurels. For the human mind classifies human beings as either having been good and respectable or bad and evil… No being lives in isolation but as a part of society and of human institutions and other members of these structures will tell your story, when you cease to rise and to set, as the sun continues to do…” – APIORKOR

Word of advice: In all things, remember to live. Remember to make memories and remember to build relationships for the future. Living, memories and solid relationships are crucial to your survival in this crazy life.