Benedicta Amo Bempah

Year Group: IB Class of 2012


    • Year Group: IB Class of 2012
    • Hostel/Colour Group: Cecilia Hostel / Yellow Outeniqua
    • Roles played at TIS : Hostel Prefect
    • Achievements
      Achievements (Projects/Awards)
      Dr. Sylvia-Boye Award for Excellence in Leadership, TIS (2011/2012)
      Listed on Deans List, TIS (2010-2012)
      Overall Best Co-Curricular Award, TIS (2009/2010)

Current University: Ashesi University College (Ghana)
Year: Senior Year
Programme: BSc. Management Information Systems
At Ashesi:
1st runner-up team challenge; Best team player, Ashesi-GDA* Team Hack4Farm Hackathon Event 2015
3rd place for Assessment Centre Award, Ashesi Career Fair
Winner, Citi-FM Inter-university team debate, Ashesi University College
Career Peer Advisor (CPA), Ashesi University College
Off-Campus Welfare Chairperson, Ashesi Student Council
Design Tutor, Ashesi University College
Currently: Founder and President, AmoBempah Foundation Initiative
Key Word in Life: Explore
Word of Advice: Have a plan, at least, to shape your path, they might not all happen but would help you better reflect and make the right decisions in life. Always take a step, it doesn’t harm in trying. Never accept No, say ‘What are the alternatives?’ Be go-getters and never stop dreaming because they actually come true; you just need to believe in it, feel it in your gut and execute them! Take a look at the IB core values again, and see beyond it. Look for the best out of every situation.