Clement Asiedu-Antwi

Year Group: IB Class of 2015


  • Year Group: IB Class of 2015
  • Hostel/Colour Group: Francis Hostel /Blue Cedar
  • Roles played at TIS
    -Hostel Prefect (2014 – 2015)
    -Member of the Volleyball team
    -Instrumentalist (Band)
    -Cast (ensemble) “The Lion King”

Current University: University of British Columbia (UBCv)
Year: Freshman year
Programme: Bachelor of Applied Science in Engineering
At UBCv: – Member of Chariot design and racing team – First Year Mentoring Program
Key Word in Life: Prioritize
Word of Advice: Learn to prioritize and focus on the goals you set for yourself to achieve. Don’t make the mistake of comparing yourself to others; whether better than you or worse than you or you won’t reach your full potential.