Dennis Kweku Kyere Ampadu
Year Group: IB Class of 2009


  • Year group: 2009
  • Hostel & Color group: Anthony (I don’t think we did color groups during my time there)
  • Roles played at TIS: Compound prefect (Assistant)
  • Achievements/Awards in TIS: Not that I can remember
  • Most memorable experience in TIS: The nights before general hostel inspections (the one’s rooms were awarded points and hostels competed amongst one another) were always fun and hectic. Inter-Hostel singing competitions incredible amount of practice time and dedication for these events. There was always such a real passion to be the best hostel.

Current university: University of Ghana Medical & Dental School

Graduate University: Quinnipiac University, CT

Year of graduation: 2013

Major/area of specialization: Biochemistry & Math

Achievements in College: $4,000 QUIP-RS recipient (it’s an individual summer research program that you apply for grant that you apply for to do research; very competitive), back-to-back soccer intramural champion team 2011, 2012, 2013.

Achievements out of College: Medical school admission, The rest is in progress


Currently working at: (N/A) In medical school

Position held: N/A

Key word in life: Humility

Philosophy: Work hard, Stay humble

Word of advice: Only compete with yourself