Elikem Kofi Tettey-Tamaklo

Year Group: IB Class of 2012


  • Name: Elikem Kofi Tettey-Tamaklo
  • Year: 2012
  • Hostel: Francis
  • Colour group: Yellow Outeniqua
  • Roles played at TIS: Insight news channel executive, SRC representative
  • Founder, Wings of hope/ Liter of light (NGO)
  • Achievements/Award: CAS award

Current University: Northeastern University

Programme: Biology/Health science

2017 Graduation year

At Northeastern University: VP/PR of Northeastern African student org

Working in a medical/engineering startup – Researcher/Business manager

Advice: When you seek validation from other people before you act, you lose yourself. Don’t lose yourself.

Philosophy: do not take your happiness for granted

Philosophy: Everything/Everyone is very temporary, make today count