Stephanie Eyram Diaba

Year Group: IBDP Class of 2017


  • Year group: IBDP class if 2017
  • Hostel & Color group: Catherine of course, The best Colour-RED KIGELIA!!
  • Roles played at TIS: Head Girl 2016/2017, Co-founder of CureAid, Co-editor of A magazine, Catherine hostel treasurer, Class secretary 2015/2016,
  • Achievements/Awards in TIS: Best in Spanish, IT and Economics 2014, Best in Economics and Spanish2015, Best in Spanish 2016, Mrs Sylvia Boye leadership award 2017
  • Most memorable experience in TIS: Hearing my name as a graduate of TIS

Current university: University of Ghana, Legon

Graduate University: Graduating class of 2023

Major/area of specialization: Studying Medicine and surgery

Key word in life: Perseverance

Word of advice: Ask for for Wisdom, knowledge, understanding, love and patience in everything thing you do.