• Please read school communications. [Note: if you can’t access the weekly TIS Bulletin or Monthly Newsletter, this means you have not yet logged into ManageBac.]
  • As from 13 November, all exeat requests must be completed and submitted online. To access the online exeat form, please go to:
    [Note: If you receive a 404 error message, page not found, then please clear your website history and data and retry the link.]
  • TIS Events: Parents are always welcome to attend any school event.
  • ManageBac (MB) and Naviance: If you have any difficulties registering or logging in, please email Ken (
  • Yale Young African Scholars Program:TIS is again hosting this exciting program from 11-20 August 2018. Applications are now open and admission is highly selective and open to students between the ages of 14-18 years. Best news: YYAS is free to all participants. Please see the flyer inside this Bulletin for more details. Importantly, apply now and don’t leave it too late and miss out.

December Newsletter

• Please read school communications. [Note: if you can’t access the weekly TIS Bulletin or Monthly Newsletter, this means you have not yet logged into ManageBac.]
• Return To Hostels: Students are due to return to hostels on Sunday, 29 October. Parents should advise Alex Tay, if their child/ren are returning early.
• TIS Events: Parents are always welcome to attend any school event.
• ManageBac (MB) and Naviance: If you have any difficulties registering or logging in, please email Ken (

November Newsletter

• Please read school communications. [Note: if you can’t access the weekly TIS Bulletin or Monthly Newsletter, this means you have not yet logged into ManageBac.]
TIS Events: Parents are always welcome to attend any school event.
Exeats: Students will not have exeats approved if they have outstanding work to complete. Exeat requests for a
weekend should be received by COB Wednesdays. Students returning from an exeat on a school day must be in full school uniform, including shoes, not sandals. Gates close at 5.00pm.
Sporty Family: WOW! What a fabulous day and our best Sporty Family Day ever. The parents’ efforts have earned entry into the Adjavon Cup on 7 October (see below.) The parents who put their bodies on the line for team glory, along with parents who felt it wiser to support loudly and wildly, made it a special day. I am confident next year that some parents will heed my advice from 5 weeks ago to start training for the big day. Kudos to all for ensuring a successful event. Congratulations to Green and Yellow who were joint winners.

October Newsletter

At the start of each semester, a Thanksgiving Service is conducted. On Sunday, 27 August, the first semester Thanksgiving Service will be conducted from 11.00am-12.30pm in the MPH. Like all school events, parents are invited and welcome to attend.
Visiting Sunday
Following the Thanksgiving Service will be Visiting Sunday until 4.00pm. Visiting Sunday is an opportunity for family and food, and at first, not in that order. Visiting Sundays are scheduled throughout the year, usually once each month. If a month contains events that parents may attend at TIS, a Visiting Sunday may not be listed. For new families, tables and chairs are set up around the school and families eat and meet in different locations, including the MPH. Students look forward to their parents bringing them their favourite take-away food.

September Newsletter

Our 10 students who continue to remain focused and calm for their external exams. It’s been another big week for them, with the first students finishing their exams this week. Many have a week or so break from exams, and will enjoy some home study before returning to school for the final exams after 4 June.

June Newsletter

  • Gilbert Carrey was interviewed by Joy Prime and this will be broadcast on Saturday, 29 April between 5pm and 6pm on Joy Prime on channel 281 on DSTV, channel 180 on GoTV and also on MultiTV.
  • Our exam students, G12 and 10, their parents, teachers and Rev Dr Derek Larbi and Joe Mettle, for an inspiring Exam Candidates Service last Sunday. It was an extraordinary experience.

May Newsletter

Parent Reminders
• The 3-way interviews on Saturday (tomorrow) will be the final 3-way interviews for this academic
year. It is for all grades (7-12). If you have not booked, you will be still able to meet your
child’s teachers and discuss achievements for this semester.
•No students will be able to remain in the hostels during this mid-semester break (next week).
• Students will return on Sunday, 2 April, by 5.00pm. Students who wish to arrive on Saturday, 1
April, must have their parents contact Mr Alex Tay by 30 March.

April Newsletter

Parent Reminders

• All student clothing and items should be labelled.
• Exeat requests for a weekend should be received by COB Wednesdays. • Parents of students who will be withdrawing their son/daughter at the end of the year should notify admissions by 28 February.

• ACT April registration payment closes on Monday, 27 February.

March Newsletter

Making Us Proud

• Parents who joined us for the Semester 2 health walk last Saturday. Thank you.
• Parents who were able to attend the G11 subject selection session for Grade 10 students and their parents last Saturday. Thank you.
• The G11 girls involved in the girls’ soccer team: you are game changers and make a huge difference to the morale of the team.

• Students who nominated for student leadership positions, but were unsuccessful on this occasion. Your initiative is admired and your participation in the process has been good experience for next time. Yet remember, one of many great things about TIS is the range and variety of leadership experiences that are available from 7-12. Taking advantage of these opportunities and experiences develops your future success.

February Newsletter

dec-newsletterIt is more important to know where you are going than to get there quickly. Do not mistake activity for achievement.
– Isocrates

Making Us Proud
The Weekly Assembly Organisers have conducted successfully Wednesday’s assemblies. Congratulations go to: Chloe Asiedu, Nuna Attipoe, Nana Osei Mainoo, Marie-Gabriella Nwokolo, Naa Momoh Odarteifio, Rachel Odartey-Wellington, Tsui Odonkor, Ayeyi Ohene-Adu, Erin Owusu, Maame Anna-Maria Poku, Salim Roland, Kelsey Searyoh, Worlanyo Akpatsa and Natasha Edgal.

December Newsletter

novemberMany of life’s failures are people who did not realise how close they were to success when they gave up.

– Thomas Edison
Making Us Proud
• The Evolution cast and crew, under the leadership of Elikem for their brilliant performance last Saturday. Students, staff, parents, alumni and TIS supporters have not stopped talking about the awesome performance since then. Students generally don’t like writing, but Evolution has continued as students have reflected on their experiences. Enjoy their reflections within this special edition. AA. Absolutely Awesome!

November 2016 Newsletter

oct-newsFailure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.
– Henry Ford
Making Us Proud
• Grade 12 students completed their trial TOK presentations this week as a final preparation for their final presentation next Thursday. Best of luck, G12. You make us proud.
• Genesis has been invited to perform at the Harbourside Mass Choir tomorrow.
• Our Weekly Assembly Organisers produced an impressive assembly on Wednesay
• TIS Young Journalists Club has submitted their first impressive feature for this newsletter

October 2016 Newsletter

september 2016Thanksgiving Service
At the start of each semester, a thanksgiving service is held. Parents are invited to attend. The service will commence at 11.00am in the MPH and will conclude by 12.30pm.
Parents Visiting
For those parents whom are attending the Thanksgiving Service, you are welcome to stay on until 3.30pm and share lunch with son/daughter(s). Students enjoy anytime there is a chance for takeaway. I am sure many parents have had requests for certain supplies that were overlooked on their return to school. Parents who are unable to attend the service, but would like to visit, please do so between 1.00-3.30pm. There will be no entry after 3.00pm.

September 2016 Newsletter

mayThe mighty month of May is upon us which means exam time for our Grade 10 and 12 students. The DP exams commence on Monday. Yes, although it is a public holiday in Ghana, it’s not the case everywhere else. Although there was an ICT exam on last Tuesday, the main IGCSE exams begin on Tuesday.

May 2016 Newsletter

news letter_AprilThank you, students, for your wonderful efforts towards an outstanding event last Sunday.

April 2016 Newsletter

Special thanks to those parents who were able to join us for last Saturday’s special event. It was a most enjoyable day and a historic one – the first time in Ghana that the 4-way tug of peace was conducted.

March 2016 Newsletter

febnewsCalling Interested Grade 9-10 Students Interested in Computer Science Nii Ako Boi-Doku (Northeastern University, ’19, College of Computer and Information Science) is an alumnus from the graduating class of 2015 of Tema

February Newsletter

jannewsWelcome to 2016 and the start of second semester. I trust you all enjoyed quality family time over the festive season. May 2016 be what you hope it to be.

January Newsletter

What fabulous performances last Friday and Saturday night from the cast of Sarafina! This magical event highlighted the acting, dancing, singing and musical talents of TIS students. Of course, there was a tremendous crew who ensured everything looked good and went well on stage.

December Newsletter

Mid-semester exams are over, so it has been a good time to unscramble November by holding our swimming and athletics carnivals priort o the mid-semester break that commences on Saturday.

November Newsletter

Many thanks to all who participated in the 9.4km Health Walk held on Saturday 12th September, 2015. We appreciate your presence and your participation immensely. Thank you.



This session from 9.00-10.00am tomorrow (25 September) has been cancelled. This decision has been made for three reasons.

October Newsletter

Welcome to the new academic year 2015/16. We are excited to have our new students and parents/guardians in Grade 7, 8 and 9 join the TIS Family.
We also extend a warm welcome to our IB1 parents whose wards have joined us to commence their IB journey.

September Newsletter

augustIt is hard to believe that it is that time of the year again. The new
academic year is almost beginning and we hope that you and your
wards had a restful summer break.

There is so much excitement in the school as we welcome a new
academic year, new principal, new students, new teachers, etc. We
look forward to sharing these exciting times with you.

August Newsletter

mayWe wish our candidates the best of luck in their forthcoming IGCSE and IB final examinations.

May your hard work propel you to so fast a speed that good luck will have no choice than to ride with a winner like you..

May/June Newsletter