Thank you for considering Tema International School for your child’s secondary education. We understand the importance of choosing a school that suits the needs of your children and meets the standards that you, as parents, wish to have for their education. We hope the information on our website and admissions portal is useful, but if you would like additional information about our school or programs, we will be more than happy to help.

TIS is committed to an admissions policy that enables the school to accomplish its mission and fulfill its vision in a manner that is fair, transparent and consistent with its core purpose.

You are also more than welcome to schedule a visit at a time that is convenient to you to meet us and take a tour of the school facilities. We look forward to meeting you!


Primary School Campus – Pre-School and Junior Primary

Admissions for stage one of the Primary Campus will open on 16 March, 2019, for students to commence in September 2019 for the following 6 classes:

  • Preschool: Kinder 1 (3-4 years); Kinder 2 (4-5 years); and Kinder 3 (5-6 years); and
  • Junior Primary: Grade 1 (5.5 – 7years); Grade 2 (6.5 – 8 years); Grade 3 (7.5 – 9 years).

All admissions will be online via Open Apply:

There will be no online testing, but a social readiness screening will be required, along with a compulsory interview with parents. These will commence in April 2019 on a rolling basis when applications have been completed.

For the second stage which will be completed in August 2020, admissions will cover Senior Primary classes: Grade 4 (8.5 -10 years); Grade 5 (9.5 years-11 years); and Grade 6 (10.5 – 12 years).

GRADES 7, 8, 9 and 10 IB Middle Years Programme (MYP)

  • Prospective students are required to complete application forms online via
  • An application fee can be paid via ExpressPay, at the school or into the school’s account. The account details can be found on the Bank Details page.
  • All prospective students are tested and interviewed before they are admitted to the school. Online testing will be available from January each year.
  • For students who reside outside Ghana and cannot sit for the online tests in TIS, it can be arranged for them to take the tests wherever they may be. They are required to furnish TIS with the name and address of the supervisor who will be in charge of the test. Details will then be sent to the supervisor. The supervisor is expected to contact parents of the prospective students to arrange a date for the online test.

Applications open on 1 December. Early applications and admissions are encouraged. Late applications will be considered, if vacancies exist.


After the the completion of Junior Secondary (Grade 10), TIS students are expected to complete the IB Diploma Programme in Grades 11 and 12. They will make initial subject selection choices during the second semester of Grade 10. The release of examination results will confirm subject selection levels (Standard or Higher).

For non-TIS students, applications can be made with current predicted grades. Prospective students are expected to upload their predicted grades in addition to their transcripts when completing the application form.  Offers will be made based on predicted grades.

When final results are released, applicants are required to attach a scanned copy on OpenApply.The release of final results will confirm subject selection levels (Standard or Higher).

Prospective students with qualifications other than MYP, IGCSE or GSCE will be required to complete online testing and an interview. Admission is offered to successful applicants.

Please note that students are not normally accepted into the final year (Grade 12) of the IB Diploma Programme.


Students with qualifications other than IGCSE or GSCE will be required to complete online testing and an interview will be conducted. Admission is offered to successful applicants. Please note that students are not normally accepted into the final year of the IB Diploma Programme, unless they have completed the first year of the Diploma Programme at another school and they are taking the same subjects that are offered at TIS.