Our Core Values


We facilitate quality teaching and learning with our wide range of resources, to ensure that each member of the community reaches his or her peak of excellence.

International Mindedness

We are conscious of the global inter-connectedness. Hence, we engage in activities that make it easy to fit into every environment, regardless of which part of the world we find ourselves. We pick a little bit of everything, and pick everything when necessary.


We live by this “Honesty is the best policy”.

PS: That is the truth.


We are aware of each other’s feelings and develop healthy relationships amongst ourselves, which is key for survival. We treat our environment with care as sustaining it will benefits us all.

Critical thinking

We promote ‘seeing and listening beyond the surface’ kind of analysis in and outside class to enable us view concepts and theories from varied perspectives, and in the process, widening the scope of our knowledge.


We do not take things simply for what they are. Rather, we take them for what they can be. It is in identifying potential and opportunity that innovativeness and imagination blossom.


We operate with the “alone we can do so little; together we can do so much” philosophy. Hence, we apply our knowledge to activities and group research, simultaneously establishing collaboration and cooperation amongst students, teachers, and parents.


Nothing stays behind the light; we bring everything into the light. We ensure that TIS knowledge is everyone’s knowledge.


We believe that “love has no meaning if it remains by itself, that it has to be put in action, and that action is service.” We therefore participate in community service to express our love for humanity, and the sustenance of our environment.