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Just as ‘every journey begins with a first step’, every road has an end. It takes courage to take first steps, but it takes much more courage to see the end of the road. It takes persistence, commitment, discipline and many sacrifices. And so it can be said of the two-year DP trip of the IB Class of 2017, ‘The Initiators’.

Two years of hard work, mind-mapping, friendships, successes and failures, learning and unlearning, collaborations, taking and giving back to society (service learning), and growing up. While on this journey, many indelible footprints have been made, especially in leadership and service.

Tema International School - IBDP Class of 2017

Tema International School – IBDP Class of 2017

It is common knowledge that anyone who manages to successfully complete the IBDP is nothing short of a hero, in fact, a superstar. This class of DP students has been phenomenal, managing to balance their academics with extra-curricular activities and leadership opportunities, while still managing to come out on top. Undoubtedly, there have been challenges, but at this point and with this group of people, it has only become obvious that, “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”.

For many, the journey has been a straight flight, while others had to take transits; taking turns to change subjects and aspirations at different times. For all that its worth, the end of the road stares in the faces of the graduating class. The end of this journey is near, and a new one awaits.

As the class prepares for their final DP Exams, the CAS Team wishes them the best of good fortunes in both their final exams and in any future endeavours.